What is Ratty Box? What does a subscription box mean?

Ratty Box is a subscription containing an assortment of ratty goodies that is shipped to you each month. It is shipped on the same day each month and has a set renewal date.  

When does the box ship?

Boxes ship on the 10th of each month! If the 10th falls on a Sunday or a holiday, it will ship the following business day.

Where is Ratty Box located?

We are located in California.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Just note that there is a shipping charge calculated at check-out. Please note, Ratty Box is not responsible for customs fees, delays, etc. Occasionally, customs does decline shipment. This is rare, please contact us directly should this happen. We are happy to issue a refund excluding shipping cost once we receive the parcel back.

When is the renewal date?

 Boxes are renewed the 20th of each month for your convenience. Shipment takes place on the 10th of the following month.

What if I don't want my box to renew?

Simply login to your account prior to the 20th and select 'skip this month' or you can cancel your account to avoid all future renewal dates. If you cancel your subscription after renewal has taken place, you will receive the following month's subscription but will not receive any additional nor be charged again until you choose to subscribe.

How do I change my address?

To change your address, log on to your account. Scroll to 'Shipping Address' in the center box, select edit. Change your address and select save. THEN scroll back to your account details, select the 'Your Subscriptions' box on the left hand side, select edit, and update the new shipping address. 

Please note, once Ratty Box ships on the 10th of the month it is not possible to change your address for the existing shipment. The change of address will apply to your next subscription. Please ensure your address is correct prior to shipment. Ratty Box is not responsible for address incorrectly entered.

How do update my payment method?

To change your payment method, log on to your account. Scroll to 'Payment Method' in the center box, select edit. Simply write directly over the existing information. THEN scroll back to your account details, select the 'Your Subscriptions' box on the left hand side, and ensure the correct payment method is selected

For any other questions, please contact us: rattybox@gmail.com

A little bit about Ratty Box…

In October of 2014, we adopted our first pair of ratties.  We wanted to give Eleanor and Dorothy the best life ever! However, whenever we went to the pet store there wasn't a large variety of cage accessories and what was there was over priced and generic. Thus inspiring us to open Simply Ratty, a hammock and cage accessory shop. We believe that ratties deserve the very best. Ratty Box is another way to give them exactly that! Each month, the box is curated with hand picked ratty appropriate treats, cage accessories, and other items that your rats are sure to love!  

Though Eleanor and Dorothy have crossed the rainbow bridge, their legacy lives on through our other five ratty babies. You can read a bit about them below. 

Meet our product testers!


In her free time, she enjoys exploring new places


Would  much rather be napping in her favorite hammock


Is the official taste tester as well as food hoarder


Prefers to take a much more official role in the company and is therefore the official box inspector


Is head of the shipping label department and ensures that all of the boxes are delievered to ratties across the world