Ratty goodies and treats delivered to your door every month

How It Works

1. Set your preferences

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2. We ship your box

We ship all subscriptions on the 10th of every month!

3. Ratty Happiness

Your rat is sure to LOVE their new subscription plan!

What is Ratty Box?

We’re so glad you asked! Ratty Box is a monthly rat subscription box curated with YOUR pet rats in mind. It contains an assortment  appropriate treats, chews, cage accessories, and other goodies your rats are sure to love. This means you can rest assured that every item you are receiving is safe for your ratty to enjoy. Boxes ship the 10th of each month, and auto-renew for your convenience on the 20th of each month.



Only Safe Products

No nasty ingredients here! We carefully choose all of our products to ensure that they never contain any ingredients that could be harmful to your ratty such as raw peanuts, alfalfa, hay, dried whole corn kernels, all of which can be harmful to ratties.

Introducing the Nibbles & Naps Pak!

 Each month  your ratty will receive a super comfy hammock and a yummy snack! The hammocks are approximately 14 inches x 14 inches!